Amongst others, Jos Heeren Transport from Hilvarenbeek uses a special LHV B-Double combination designed by T’rent and build by H&W Nutzfahrzeugtechnik from Vreden, Germany.
Developing and contributing to cost saving and sustainable transport solutions is in T'rent's blood. Characteristic for this B-Double is the fact that the tractor can load and unload both trailers independently of each other, without special modifications.
The result is a standard mega tractor with a B-double equipped with a 8.10 meter swapbody and a 13.60 meter mega trailer behind it. Using the Gooseneck principle, a maximum interior height for the switch box is also achieved. This LHV combination has a GVW of 57.5 tons and on Dutch roads it can transport a net load of 39 tons.

And again a LHV B-Double trailer

Together with T’rent, Limburg transport company Kuypers Neer also has put a special LHV B-Double combination on the road. T'rent is a partner in realizing transport solutions that are efficient and environmentally friendly. The most important requirement for this development was to build a combination of which the towing vehicle can carry the two trailers without modifications, independently of each other, with or without a forklift. The result: a short mega tractor, a B-Double trailer with a modular container and a "standard" mega trailer completed with a truck-mounted forklift, within 25.25 meters. For rearward loading and unloading of the swap body only, it can easily be placed at the rear twist-lock position of the Double-B chassis. By also making smart use of the Gooseneck principle, extra interior height for the swap body is achieved. This LHV combination, with a GVW of 57.5 tons, is mainly used for the transport of building materials, insulation material and packaging materials and is yet another proof that this company is more than worth its 3nd Lean and Green Star.